Synod 2021-2023

The Fundamental Questions

A synodal Church, in announcing the Gospel, “journeys together”.

How is this “journeying together” happening  today in your particular Church?

What steps does the Spirit invites us to take in order to grow in our “journeying together”?

10 areas:

  1. The Journeying Companions:

In the church and in society, we are side by side on the same road.  In your local Church, who are the ones “journeying together”?

Who are the members? Who are not? Who are in the margins?

  1. Listening

Listening is the first step, but it requires having an open mind and heart, without prejudice

            How are the :Laity, especially young people, listened to?

            What prejudices and stereotypes hinder our listening?

  1. Speaking Out

All are invited to speak with courage and parrhesia, that is, integrating freedom, truth and charity

            How do we promote a free and authentic style of communication with the community?

            How do we use the media system?

  1. Celebrating

“Journeying together” is only possible if it is based on communal listening to the Word and he celebration

of the Eucharist

           How do prayer and liturgy inspire and direct our “journeying together’”?

            How do we promote the active participation of the Faithful in the liturgy and promote holiness?

  1. Co-Responsible Mission

Synodality is at the service of the Church’s mission, in which all her members are called to participate

            Since we are all missionary disciples, how is each Baptized person called to serve in the mission?

            How does the community support its members committed to service in society,

            politics? scientific research? social justice? human rights? caring for our common home?

  1. Dialogue in Church and Society

Dialogue is a path of perseverance that also includes silences and sufferings, but which is capable of gathering the experiences of persons and peoples.

            How do we speak to each other in our parish?

            What makes it difficult to share?

            How do we promote collaboration with other parishes and ecclesial movements?

  1. With other Christian Denominations

The dialogue between Christians of different confessions, united by one Baptism, has a special place in the synodal journey.

            What relations do we have with brothers and sisters of other Christian denominations?

            What are the difficulties?

  1. Authority and Participation

A synodal Church is a participatory and co-responsible Church

            How do we identify goals, and how to achieve them?

            How is authority exercised within our parish?

  1. Discerning and Deciding

In a synodal style, decisions are made through discernment, based on a consensus that flows

from the common obedience to the Spirit

            How can we improve the methods of making decisions?

            How do we talk about consulting in the first phase, and how the Bishops will decide

            by the guidance of the Holy Spirit?

  1. Forming ourselves in Synodality

The spirituality of journeying together is called to become and educational principle for the formation of the human person and of the Christian, of families and of communities

            How does the Church offer formation for us to discern and commit ourselves to

                        our Baptismal call?

            How to we offer formation in discernment for those in authority?

We invite all those

who wish to discuss their

vision of the Church to a Dialogue

to be held in the church building:


En español   viernes, 28 de enero  7:30 PM


En créole     samedi, 29 janvier     1:30 PM


In English    Saturday, January 29  6:30 PM