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I am/You are/We are the Church together

This week begins the 2021 Annual Catholic Appeal

We encourage all to watch the brief 2021 ACA Video online at:


The week and services made possible though your donation to the Annual Catholic Appeal help people in Brooklyn and Queens

in ways no parish can alone.

Let us pray that the 2021 Annual Catholic Appeal will be successful in both allowing us to reach out in love to those in need,

as well as uniting us together in Christ as one Church.

I hope you will join me and Holy Cross in “proclaiming the Gospel of God”

by participating in the 2021 Annual Catholic Appeal.

In Christ,

Msgr. Joseph Malagreca

Holy Cross, Brooklyn

Rev. Msgr. Joseph P. Malagreca

Readings For the Week Of
05, 2021

Sunday: Bar 5.1-9/Phil 1.4-11/Lk 3.1-6

Monday: Is 35.1-10/Lk 5.17-26

Tuesday. Is 40.1-11/Mt 18.12-14

Wednesday: Gn 9.15-20/Eph 1.3-6,11-12/Lk 1.26-38

Thursday: Is 41.13-20/Mt 117.11-15

Friday: Is 48.17-19/Mt 11.16-19

Saturday: Sir 48.1-11/Mt 17.9-13

Next Sunday: . Zep 3.14-18/Phil 4.4-7/Lk 3.10-18


  1. Immaculate Conception

    December 8 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
  2. Lessons & Carols + Illumination

    December 12
  3. Installation of New Altar Servers

    December 19
  4. LE PÈLERINAGE Lourdes, Suisse et Oberammergau

    June 29, 2022 - July 11, 2022


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