Bishop Appeal

A journey in faith, unity and purpose

This year, we are Called to Communion, Participation, and Mission – a powerful theme that encapsulates the essence of our shared commitment to make a meaningful impact.

Individually, none of u scan fully address the needs of our diocese. However, when we come together, we have the power to accomplish remarkable things! The Annual Catholic Appeal offers us the chance to continue spreading Christ's love throughout Brooklyn and Queens, providing hope in the process

This year, we urge you to become a beacon of light and hope for those facing challenges. Assume a leadership position by actively participating in the 2024 Annual Catholic Appeal, setting a model of Christian stewardship for others to follow.Acknowledge the abundance in our lives and demonstrate gratitude through dedicated support for the mission and initiatives of the diocese, as they work tirelessly to bring the Gospel to those in greatest need.

If you choose to become a sustaining donor, opting for the "Recurring" option when pledging online, you will further advance the Church's mission. Your monthly commitment will automatically renew each year, offering convenience and efficiency, ensuring that more of your gift goes towards supporting the crucial ministries outlined on this webpage.

We appreciate your partnership in the Lord's work and invite you to join forces with your neighbors again in this year's Annual Catholic Appeal. Together, we can make a significant impact.
In Christ, Msgr. Joseph Malagreca.
Holy Cross Brooklyn