Online Giving

A letter to my beloved parishioners, Praised be Jesus Christ!

We are all suffering in this unprecedented time.  I too am alone and passing my days in dread.  But we raise our eyes to Jesus and believe in His victory!  I encourage you to use this time for prayer, renew your trust in the Lord, and believe He is alive.

Holy Cross Parish has had no collections for these past two weeks – and we are a parish that lives from Sunday to Sunday, relying on the marvelous generosity of our parishioners. Your Parish has now set up online Giving.

You can register immediately for online giving. Go to:

Enter your personal information and your credit card.  You can even choose to have it sent every week, or as often as you like.

For those who do not have e-mail, you can make one-time donations on a smart phone:

Text the number:
Text the keyword SUNDAY for a Sunday offering
Click on the Donate button

All donations will go directly to Holy Cross’s Bank Account, and you will be identified.  Your parish envelope number will be credited. We all love Holy Cross.  Please continue to support us!  When this crisis is over, we will rejoice together!

Yours in Christ Jesus,
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